Thursday, March 14, 2019

Needlepoint For Fun Looks at Victorian Cross Stitch

Many stitchers prefer stitching in hand, that is, they don't use a frame for their needlepoint.  They simply hold their stitching in one hand while stitching with the other.  This is particularly popular with small items or for rugs.  It's hard to find a large enough rug frame but you can roll a rug and stitch with it on your lap.  Elizabeth Bradley recommends Victorian Cross Stitch for their rugs which are never done on a frame, but stitched in hand.  Here is how the stitch is done.

Note that you always work from right towards the left.  Elizabeth Bradley tells folks to work from the bottom up but they also say you can work from the top down.  I did this stitch once on an Elizabeth Bradley project and found it uses a lot of thread, thus making it a very sturdy stitch for rugs.  (It also is a bit hard on the hands for those with arthritis.)  I don't think you are supposed to turn the canvas to work the rows right to left each time. I think you are supposed to tie off the row before you return to the right to work it.

For more information and videos, see the Elizabeth Bradley website.

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