Monday, May 25, 2020

Let's Go Rescue Dovo Scissors UPDATED

Jessica Grimm's latest blog posting alerted me to the fact that Dovo Scissors in Germany is in financial trouble.

I know a great many people love Dovo scissors, so it is time for fans to buy a new pair to try and give the company a little time to get their financial house in order.  It would be especially nice if you bought from Jessica herself since she's a small business in Germany and hard hit by the quarantine rules right now.

UPDATE:  If you were curious about Broche, here's more information, and Jessica has added new types of Dovo scissors to her online store.  See?  That's how it works in needlework businesses:  buy something and you support the craftsmen who made it, the distributor who gets it into the stores, and the shop that sells it to you.  Go Dovo!

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