Friday, March 31, 2023

Tips for Stitching with Boucle

Sharon Quick posted tips for stitching with Edmar's boucle, which is a bumpy thread that makes great trees and hair.

Because NP Nation is private now that Facebook has removed the tools that used to keep spammers out, I am taking the liberty of quoting Sharon in full here for those who otherwise can't read her wisdom.

"Someone" said she finds Edmar Boucle impossible to do French Knots. A few hints to make it easier: 
1. Don't cut the thread more that 20" long. 
2. Run the thread quickly through steam and let it dry before stitching, as it will let the thread relax and not knot up so much on the back. Or, run it through a flat iron for the same reason. 
3. Run it through a piece of Bounce to remove static. 
4. Run the length of the thread through your fingers to find the smooth direction and put the needle on the end that will allow the smooth way to go through the canvas. If your fingers cannot detect the smooth direction, pull it along the upper lip below the nose which is a more sensitive place than fingers. 
5. Plan to work slowly - keep checking the back of the canvas with your nondominant hand to be sure it is not knotting on the back of the canvas. 
6. As you are pulling the thread through the canvas, keep the thread at 90 degrees (horizontal) from the hole. Be consistent to achieve consistent French Knots. 
7. If you have more questions, please ask! I love sharing what I have learned the hard way."

Thanks so much, Sharon!

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