Monday, September 18, 2023

"Hand Painted Needlepoint for the Modern Explorer"

The Needlepoint Joint is having a trunk show featuring a brand new designer--Fire and Iris.  Many of the designs are about camping and the outdoors.   I love the lighting bugs in a jar, the sun, moon and mountain tarot cards, the cattle dog (a neighbor has one to help herd) and the camping mugs.  The various monsters will charm outdoors folk who keep expecting to run into Sasquatch when hiking.

I come from a family that enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking--the whole nine yards--so everything speaks to me.  Maybe it will speak to you, too.   

You can browse more on the Fire and Iris website.  Check out what Fire and Iris calls the "half painted series" which are canvases with only simple outlines--that makes them cheaper-- but that come with guides that show you how to add all sorts of detail to make the design come to life.

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