Friday, July 25, 2008

Want to be a Commando Nerd Needlepoint Patch Beta Tester?

Do you have an iPhone? Better yet, know lots of folks who do? Then this NP patch is something you really need!

I am not sure the patches themselves are needlepointed-John Young doesn't say. If you follow his blog, he does needlepoint designs that are machine readable and that can direct the machine (or in this case, the iPhone with the reader downloaded) to a website. Any website. You can send folks to the ANG website, to your home page, to your shop, etc.

This is exceedingly cool. Especially for NP nerds like us.

Jane, waving like mad from CH

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  1. Thanks for pointing this out, I really liked the designs that had the clover pattern on them towards the end. The QRcode aspect is really neat, I will need to get onbaord with iPhone Apps now since I haven't done an update in months. >.<

  2. I think this is the coolest thing EVER! Of course I don't have an iPhone since no cell phones work here. We can't get a signal. So everyone who is interested sign up when you can and tell me all about it.

  3. Hi Chilly Hollow Folks!

    The patches aren't needlepointed, they're dye-sublimation printed onto polyester twill. But I'm glad you like the design, especially the "lucky clover" lottery patch. Kenn and I thought that you could configure that one to maybe let you win something when you scan it.

    I *do* have needlepoint QRcode stuff (that was the forerunner to the patches.) You can see it at

    I'm also glad to see another needlepoint community on the Web!

  4. Thanks, John. I should have asked if you minded about my grabbing a photo and then gotten the details.

    I've been visiting your Etsy shop occasionally, but haven't mentioned it. Hopefully folks will head over and browse for fun.

    As for the NP community here, you have no idea how many needlepointers there are in cyberspace! Fortunately, NP has something for every taste.

    It's just fun to find something really unique like your work.

    Jane, waving from Chilly Hollow

  5. Almost forgot, John -congratulations on the BoingBoing posting!

    And the next time you get ready to do a NP design, ask me for a variety of threads. There's more than wool Out There.

    Jane, your friendly neighborhood threadaholic in CH