Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Dragon's Grid

Now that all the background Scotch Stitches are in place, it is time to deal with the grid lines that separate each square in the checkerboard. I used one ply of the very dark red/brown Soie d’Alger #2925 to lay long stitches along the grid lines. I did all the vertical stitches first. Note that each grid line was painted on top of a ridge, not in a ditch, but my thread lies in a ditch. Because I used just one ply of my very dark reddish brown silk, some of the paint will show. This gives extra dimension to the grid. I just had to make sure I always used the hole to the right (or left--doesn’t matter, just be consistent) of the painted line.

Once the vertical lines were covered, I did the horizontal ones. Again, I had to make sure I always used the hole above or below the painted line. Once both vertical and horizontal lines were laid, I couch them down at the corners of each grid using one strand of red metallic Bijoux #414 in a tiny cross stitch. (Bijoux is a thin metallic thread similar to but less shiny than Accentuate.) This adds a bit more subtle sparkle and keeps the long lengths of thread from sticking up and snagging something.

I thought about using the red Hi-Lights for the tie down XSs but decided that it might be a little too heavy a thread. Besides, the Bijoux gives an even subtler shine than the Hi-Lights and I think it looks nice in the background.

The dragon's body is next on the list. I've already pulled out my stash of Water N Ice....

Jane/Chilly Hollow
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  1. I had to go back and look at your first stitching blog about this ornament. I hadn't read that one yet. But when I initally looked at this ornament, I didn't remember the squares in the background and couldn't figure out why you stitched the squares. I think I was so mesmorized by the Cape Cod dogs, that I kind of overlooked the Ch'ng. I love the way the background is there, but not overwhelming. It definitely isn't subtle, but gives some texture.

  2. I think everyone likes Cape Cod dogs, but right now the only thing I'm doing on that piece is tent stitching the black background of the border. Very boring!

    I've decided that Ch'ing the red dragon ornament is actually a glimpse of an embroidered textile, which is why I am doing the background the way I am. This design is very sophisticated and there are a lot of touches to the painting that I want to emphasize.