Thursday, December 10, 2009

O'jishi's Forehead

Moving to the next round area on the mask, I used the same unnamed round stitch used on his nose to decorate the center of his forehead above the eyes.  The first photo shows how I centered the stitch.  I worked the four central straight stitches in rows right above where they are on the nose so that the nose stitches and the forehead ones line up.  Working from the center out is the easiest way to do this.  (You can see I've started working the right side now from the center to that side.)  Working all the rows I know that the stitch fits.  Notice I'm working over the curved lines.  Remember, this is a layered canvas since I'm using light coverage stitches.  The painted design is the first layer, barely covered with a layer of stitches.  There will be more layers, probably couching and stem stitch and beads, on top of these.

This next photo shows the area stitched.  I will work the top of the head next, using another round stitch that is smaller in scale than the one used on the nose and forehead.  Just to remind you, all these stitches are in two plies of Gloriana silk (Lacquered Gold.)

Written by Jane/Chilly Hollow
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  1. If you get a chance, would you update the link on the Canvas of the Day? It still links to the teapot cover of yesterday. I love the look of the stocking for today!

  2. Looks good! I can't remember--is this for you?

  3. This is one fabulous work of art, Jane. You're doing a wonderful job all around. Happy December Day.

  4. No, Pat, this will go live with Leigh Designs when I finish it.

  5. Darn, I thought I did that Canvas of the Day link. Sorry! The copy/paste must not have worked.