Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More on the Parrot Head

Embellished Ultrasuede Parrot Head
Glenis asked in the Comments yesterday if the stitch guide I'm writing for Cha will have alternate ways of finishing the parrot head for those who don't want to attach Ultrasuede to their canvas.  The answer is Yes.  One could easily just tent stitch the head the same way the body was done, add the wide diamond and diamond ray stitches on top and then add the eyebrow as the above photo shows. Whether you embroider on top of tent stitches or on top of Ultrasuede, you'll have a pretty similar look.

I prefer the smoothness of the Ultrasuede but I know some people won't be able to buy Ultrasuede in the right plum color and some people won't like the look.  Others will chicken out when it comes to cutting out fabric and appliqueing it onto a NP canvas, even though I thought it was really easy to do.  Doesn't matter. You can stitch this canvas successfully with a very similar look to mine without ever touching a piece of Ultrasuede.

And for those who wondered, yes, I did more tent stitches on the background yesterday (sigh) and started on the wings but I did not make enough progress to do photos of that yet.

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  1. I am able to see more of the detail in the photo-great closeup! I am thinking this is a great application for a lot of other parts on canvas.....throat of a flower for eg.

  2. I don't like the fabric head. Tacky...

  3. Carmen, sorry you don't like the parrot head but I am glad you felt confident enough to disagree with my treatmenet. We all have our own tastes and style, and there is no reason that everyone has to like my personal stitching choices.

    Some things most folks will love or hate but most of our choices are personal. Wait and see how the overall canvas develops. You may hate the whole thing or the parrot head may work with the overall design.

    I hope it does but there are no guarantees, just as there are bound to be differences in our stitching tastes.

    Thanks for letting me know your opinion. I treasure it because it is different than mine.