Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun Browsing in All the Heat

Canvas by Barbara Bergsten
I have some fun things for you to ponder this morning.  First of all, Pocket Full of Stitches has their Barbara Bergsten trunk show.  This is notable as they are selling from the trunk show at a 20% off discount, making this a great time to pick up a fun project.  Put the money you save towards a new Stirling bag to showcase your stitching.  Remember, you can go to Barbara's website (second link) to download a stitch guide for each of her designs.

Too hot to stitch where you are?  Then go browse the collection of vintage needlepoint purse sites that the guide has collected.  Even if you have no intention of buying, it is fun to browse fashions of yesteryear.

Are you looking for a source for the tiny size 15  beads?  & More has added photos of the colors they carry to their website.  Mill Hill beads are around size 11 in most cases, to give you an idea of how much smaller size 15 beads are.

Want to make your own beads?  Just cut metal purl into the custom size of your choice and attach like any bead.  Mary Corbet's website shows how to use metal purls (and how to fix any problems with the fat little coils).

This morning I substituted a photo of my blooming day lilies for my own portrait on Blog.  They are the only thing in CH that likes this hot and humid weather!

By the way, it looks like Blogger has fixed any problems with the Comments now. I suspect that the new Stats system they have added to blogs that use "Blogger in Draft" caused the trouble.  If you blog via Blogger and use their "Blogger in Draft" system instead of the more stable standard system, check your Dashboard for the new Stats tab.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, do not worry.  I often have no idea what I'm talking about either!

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  1. Jane, In my opinion, Mill Hill beads are just waaaay too expensive. I prefer to buy my 15/0s from Whim Beads ( They have over 400 colors in 15/0s and the more you buy, the bigger the discount. They have amazing customer service too. I am no way related to Whim Beads, just an extremely satisfied customer.
    Tucson, AZ where we seem to be cooler than the rest of the nation for a change. lol

  2. Jane, I agree that the heat is taking away all my desire to do anything other than lie under a ceiling fan. Except for shopping for things online and now I have to blame you for me seeing all kinds of things to order from PFOS with their trunk show (wink, wink).

  3. Thank you for the post!! Try to keep cool!

  4. Just to let you know, we are enjoying perfect weather out here in northern California. Warm enough to be comfortable in a cotton blouse with just the tiniest of a warm breeze.

    That arrow stitch on the bird's body is another of Jane's famous surprises. Who would have thought , but it is perfect.

  5. Pelagic,thanks for the bead store recommendation. It is always nice to know about a great shop. Barbara,glad to mention your trunk show. Carol, sorry to make you buy!