Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Notice Anything Familiar?

3/4 Wide Diamonds

Welcome to Day Three of the second big heat wave of the summer here in air-conditionless CH.  My brain is melting. I'm having to wash my hands in cold water periodically to do any stitching at night and I finally gave up and watched television instead yesterday.

I did get the second layer of stitching done on the bird's body, though.  Notice anything that seems familiar?  No?  Look at the wide diamonds background at the bottom of the photo, then look at the hot pink stitches that lay on top of the tent stitches on the bird's body. You are right:  I am using three of the four steps of wide diamonds to embellish the bird.

Madonna was right--wide diamond stitch has reappeared in my stitching!

It took me three tries to come up with the right thread for this.  I tried the mauve silk used on the bird's body (too close to the tent stitches' colors to stand out), used a thin metallic (looked too metallic and shiny), and finally settled in on a ply of Eterna silk in Hot Pink.  It reflects the light differently from different angles and is more/less prominent depending on the angle you are viewing the bird from.

I'm not done yet.  I just ran out of steam last night.  It's way too hot to stitch!

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  1. Absolutely perfect! It is too hot here too and a little difficult to think about it but remember all that snow? running from the shoe.....

  2. Delightful! A joy to watch this canvas come alive with interest.

  3. Thank you, ladies. I hope to work further on this today. I only got a few rows of tent stitch done yesterday. Oh, well, there is always the next day's stitching!