Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Visit to YouTube

YouTube has three interesting videos up that you may be interested in.  The first video is about copyright theft.  The artist who made the video is a painter but the principal still applies to needlepoint designers.  After all, Maggie and Melissa Shirley and others license art from painters to put on NP canvas.

If you are curious about copyright and needlepoint design, the best article I've found on the topic is posted on NP Now's website.  It was written by two attorneys who specialize in copyright law.

Here is a fascinating 2011 interview with Kaffe Fassett.

And here is a similar 2011 interview with Raymond Honeyman.  Both have been posted by Ehrman Tapestry for whom they often design needlepoint.

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  1. Goodness, I found that article on copyright on the NP Now website to be "interesting", as it seems to be missing a vital sentence or two.

    It says "you have just infringed someone's federally protected copyright" and yet all you did, according to the article, was take a class or see a great pattern in a magazine.

    Presumably the first paragraph was also supposed to say something about photocopying the stitch guide or magazine article. < grin >