Thursday, March 31, 2011

Visiting John Johanssen at Home

Melissa Shirley Designs just posted a series of photographs of John Johannsen's art studio on their Facebook page.

Melissa licenses some of his art to reproduce on needlepoint canvas.  Until I saw his studio, I never really understood the painted canvases. WOW!

I hope those without a Facebook account can view the pages above, but believe me, it is worth signing up just to tour that studio.

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  1. WOW is right! I'd like to live in that studio.

  2. You'd have to live there for weeks to even start seeing everything! It's an amazing place. No wonder Melissa takes folks there on visits.

  3. OMG! That tour was amazing, thanks so much Jane for sharing the link with us. I have admired his work for years, especially the various Madonna's and flowery animals; unfortunately I have no idea how to tackle such intricate detail in a painted canvas other than with tent stitch. What stands out most for me is how lucky we are to have the technology of the internet to view amazing things we might not otherwise have access to. Thanks again.