Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smilin' Jack (or Stitch Guide Considerations)

Leigh Designs' Smilin' Jack
I am sure some of you who visited Blog this morning while I was changing the header photo and color scheme were somewhat confused by all the changes.  I have to make them one at a time, check each one to see how it looks, and then move to the next step.    I'm sure it looks odd when you walk in during the middle of a change.  Sorry! Hope you like the cool sage green colors, though.  In this heat anything that looks cool is good.

The switch was to show off my latest project for Leigh Designs, one of the Fash Insert series.  These canvases are all 8 1/2 inches long by 4 inches wide and are on 18 count canvas.  They are designed to fit into the front space of the Lee nylon tote bags.  You can see the Fash Inserts available from Leigh Designs at the link below.  There are other Fash Insert designs from Leigh that can only be ordered from Colonial Needle, the owner of the Lee leather goods line, so they aren't on the Leigh website.  I don't see them on the Lee/Colonial site yet so I can't provide a link to there.

Here are good photos of the Lee nylon tote the Fash Inserts were intended for.  (Of course you can frame yours if you like.)

I got an email from Leigh herself late last spring asking me to stitch one of the Fash Inserts for her to use as a model.  Sometimes when I stitch for a designer I send them a selection of canvases I know I can stitch well and they pick what they would like emphasized in their line.  Sometimes I don't even see the design until it arrives at my door because they are still being created.  Smilin' Jack was a complete surprise.  I am not much of a Halloween canvas fan so this is going to be a challenge!  He arrived with a request for a simple but elegant take on him. These canvases aren't wildly expensive or large so the stitch guide has to be reasonably priced and not too elaborate.  I also have a deadline--this has to be ready for the August trade show.

So there you have it.  I have to stitch something pretty and quick that will stand up to being on the front of a tote bag.   I guess I'd better get started!

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  1. What fun you will have. The Pumpkin preview (newest header) is wonderful. Of course, Leigh Designs are yummy to stitch. Can't wait to see this one in person. Lucky you... lucky us.

  2. You go girl. This one has real potential, but then I like Halloween. I wonder if you are going to be using some Memory Thread . I'll be watching to see.

  3. Those little vines do seem to call for memory thread, don't they? Well, we'll see....

  4. I love this! How fun and fast this will be!

  5. I'm a big Halloween fan so this is goin to be exciting. Memory thread immediately came to mind when I saw those vines although being a purse insert I believe curling it will not be an option.
    I am sure you'll do a great work. Can't wait to see progress

  6. Palma's right that memory thread may snag. We'll have to see what we can do to mitigate that....