Monday, December 26, 2011

Admire the Ornaments Before Packing

Before you start taking down your holiday decorations, admire them! Pocket Full of Stitches in Texas just had their annual ornament exchange and posted photos of the various wonderful stitched ornaments on their shop blog. They are each and every one adorable.

While you are collapsed in your happy chair, exhausted at the effort you just put forth to make this the Best Holiday Ever, take a moment to examine their work which is a mini gallery of fine stitching from the heart.  Whether you had a good or bad holiday just now, you can rest for a moment and enjoy the creation of some very talented fingers.

I hope they bring you a little serenity for Christmas!

Hugs from Jane/Chilly Hollow

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Anonymous said...

those are SO cute. and what wonderful work in the little miniatures works of art.