Tuesday, January 24, 2012

They Finished Stars!

Tony Minieri's Stars for the New Millennium is one of the two iconic counted canvaswork pieces of the 20th Century. Jan and Liz have worked their way though the project and posted their final photos on their blogs. Make sure you check out Jan's inventive border touch that will avoid an expensive mat cut to fit the pointed shapes in the borders.


This gorgeous Stars is being created by Donna, who might just have it done in time to show at the delayed Woodlawn Plantation show. Which means I might see it in person. Yeah!

SL's working her Stars, too. It's my favorite colorways of all time because they are just so cheerful and happy together.

What's the other iconic counted piece, you asked?  Marnie Ritter's Aurora Borealis (which has a second version called Aurora Revisited).  Pat is working on that now.

This is Aurora Borealis Revisited.  The original design, which is similar with softer colors is in the second link.  By the way, the newer version is spread out over several magazines but the original is all in that one issue.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, I saw they'd finished. But the colourway I like best is still an unfinished one... Someone named...er..."Jane"...I think was supposed to be doing it...


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Jane sighs. Yes, Glenis, it's one of my three big unfinished projects. Deadlines have taken over my life, but I will get back to it. Someday.