Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here's a lovely rug, made especially for a small guest bathroom here in Hunt Country.

UPDATE:  Goldy liked this so much I went searching for more fox canvases.  So I wrote this as a comment, then decided to post it here.

I thought it was a lovely rug, perfect for a tiny bathroom.  Critter Cove needs such a rug!

Or maybe a wall hanging or pillow?  These are classic William Morris designs by Beth Russell.

Maybe instead of walking on a fox rug you want to walk with foxes?

This place sells ready made fox pillows in lots of designs.

Besides more traditional fox designs, has a fox game board and a foxhunt Santa!

This Valentina fox in the snow piece is gorgeous.

It's big, though.  How about dede's baby fox?

This fox and hunt horn is traditional in a non-traditional way.

If you just want a fox sign, how about this?

If all else fails, call Bob at Hunt Country Yarns.  Although Bob's shop is primarily for knitters, he stocks a great many fox/hunt/dog/horse designs and a lot of his customers do rugs. He's a great resource!

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Goldylox99 said...

Oh Jane, I love that rug! I used to participate in mock fox hunts (we didn't really chase a fox nor kill one), and it was fun. Critter Cove Ranch has a lovely knoll that overlooks the creek and marsh, and that knoll has 9 foxholes in it. This rug would be so perfect at CCR, if only I had the time to stitch it (and the guts to actually put it on the floor, knowing it would get dirty!).

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Goldy, I'm going to update this article just for you.