Monday, March 19, 2012

Needlepoint Classes Inspire Stitch Envy

Nothing turns me greener for St. Patrick's Day than hearing all about the wonderful needlepoint classes folks have taken.  Melita just took a SharonG class and is exploring Sharon's use of open stitches and gorgeous borders on a wonderful Katie Molineaux/Shorebird Designs dragonfly.

Melody's been to a Brenda Hart class where she took a pair of Dan Di Paolo witches (reproduced by Kelly Clark).  What can I say?  Wish I was there, too!

If like me you are unable to make it to a needlepoint class, you can always study long distance using things like Tony Minieri's new three DVD set about stitching basics.  Melinda is doing a Amy Bunger Home Study piece while listening to the new DVDs.

Your local shop can get the DVDs for you but if --again like me-- you don't have a shop close by you can mail order.  Nimble Needle has a nice price for the set and will sell you just one if you don't want to invest in all of them until you've tried them out.

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woolwoman said...

I had never had a class with Brenda before - she was a great sport and it was so much fun meeting her and sitting near her and watching her spread so much fairy dust to so many beautiful canvases. We wish you would come down and visit us Jane - you have many fans way down south. Hugs mel

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks, Mel. I would love to take classes but I just can't leave Beloved alone any more while I go places and I can't take him along, either as he doesn't travel well. Oh, well, some day!