Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blasts from the Past

The title is an inelegant way of reminding us that classics are forever.  For example, here is a classic stand up Santa from a class taught by Carole Lake.

The canvas is from JB Designs. The canvas and Carole's guide are still available from the shop.

There's a matching Mrs. Santa which Carole also taught at Needle Works.

The best book about making your own needlepoint rugs I ever read was Hope Hanley's Needlepoint Rugs.

Imagine my surprise to discover that Nimble Needle sells a Hope Hanley rug canvas!

In a final, and non-needlepoint note, did you know that Jane Austen owned some simple jewelry?  Her ring is about to be sold at auction.  Are you paying attention, Sandy?

She and her older sister were given topaz crosses by their brother.  You can see them here.  What interests me beyond their provenance is the fact that her ring and cross could be worn today without comment.  Some things really are timeless.

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NCPat said...

So true....and the jewelry from then is amazing!