Monday, August 27, 2012

I've Been Busy

I haven't been just sitting around channel surfing, trying to find something on TV that will replace the Olympics! I've been adding to the CH Stitch Guides blog!  There are new articles about stitch guides from Debbie Bowers, Sheena James and Diana Bosworth up this week.  You can click on the link below or just click on the magic carpet photo on the right side of the page to be magically carried there and back again to Blog when you are ready.

I've added a new feature here at Blog--the Have You Seen This Canvas?tab.  If you click on the right tab from the set just under the title header at the top of this page, you'll go to a new page with listings of canvases folks are seeking.  (The link below will take you straight there but to come back to the main page of Blog, you'll have to click the Home tab.)   Right now there is just one item listed, but I expect this will slowly grow.  You can send your Desperately Seeking item to me at chillyhollow at hotmaildotcom and I'll post it.  A photo and all the information you can gather (designer, size) will really help.  If folks use this feature I'll keep it. If not, eventually I'll remove the tab.  I don't want Blog to be too cluttered.

I've also added new ornament articles and finished piece photos to the Loretta Spears Archive, which you can visit at this link.   I am still soliciting photos, thread lists for items that don't have them, and any other information you can provide.  Send those to me at and I'll add them to our knowledge of all of Loretta's creations.

I'm stitching, too, but I can't show off that Top Secret project as it is to debut at TNNA's Baltimore show in a few weeks.  Stitch faster, Jane!

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