Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Classes UPDATED

There are a lot of new classes being announced for the fall.   BeStitched is planning a Bike Tour, featuring the bicycle canvases by Melissa Shirley.

They also have the Winter Girl class planned for October.

River Silks has collected class announcements from all over, since all the classes feature their silk ribbons.  Want to learn to use ribbon?  Then one of these classes may be just perfect for you.

Plan to teach a beginner's class?  Or just have someone who wants to learn hanging around?  Maybe one of these Stitch-It's "Starters" canvases is just right for your beginner.

Watch to stitch a Challenge canvas?  Here are the details and the latest canvas in the Stitcherie challenge.

By the way, Susan is going to do her fabulous needlebook class again this fall.

UPDATE:  No sooner did this article publish than The Needlepointer announced signups for their Fall 2012 and Winter and Spring 2013 retreats.

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