Thursday, May 2, 2013

Amy's Got a Birthday....

Amy's got a birthday---and a newsletter!  Expect to see the newest royal scissors fob/magnet set (Henry VIII, my new favorite!), a stitch of the month diagram, photos of wonderful magnets, a progress report on the Royal Pain in the Tudors Home Study, a book review, and tips on using archival quality glue to attach things to your canvas.  (Hopefully not your hair, which I have done but we'll overlook that for now.)  There are also some wonderful photos of finished pieces (don't miss the camel!) and a custom stocking that is a charmer.

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Goldylox99 said...

I love the canvas of the day - a horse stocking that's a bit smaller than most stockings. You are reeling me in again, Master Enabler! ;-)


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

For those who wonder what Goldy's talking about, here is the Rebecca Wood stocking called Christmas Barn that was canvas of the day. Purdy, isn't it? Goldy, you NEED this!

OW! Goldy threw a shoe at me!!! LOL