Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sorority Canvases UPDATED

Barbara Bergsten has some wonderful sorority canvases.

Seeing Barbara's charming designs prompted me to make a list of all the designers who create Greek college group designs.  Here they are, in alphabetical order.  Please let me know where you get your favorite designs if they are not already on the list.

Betsy B. - I believe that Betsy B. had a lot of sorority-themed canvases but their website has disappeared and I can't find any of their designs pictured in the big shops.  Your best bet will be to check with your favorite shops to see if any of this designer's work is in their inventory.  You can also see if this store has anything in stock still.  Some folks will want to check out the Mackenzie Childs canvases, too.

UPDATE:  Betsy B. just posted (Sept. 2013) that they didn't know their website was down, but folks can visit Painted Pony (Betsy B.'s distributor) to see their designs.

Kangaroo Paws - This new designer doesn't seem to have a website but does sell on eBay a little.  Your shop will probably have to order for you if the sorority or fraternity you want isn't there.

Painted Pony Designs - They offer small sorority angels in their signature angel series, little socks, and heart shapes too.  The tiny angels have charms that relate to the sorority's mascot, which is a nice touch.

Smothers and Branson - The company specializes in finished needlepoint pieces, especially belts.

Some shops have a large stock of sorority canvases.  Serendipity Needleworks also has a photo album of these type of designs on their Facebook page.

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  1. Hi Chilly Hollow!!

    Thanks for this wonderful list for customers, I wanted to give you an update. We didn't realize that our website had gone down & are working to correct that issue - but in the meantime our designs are all available through Painted Pony Needlepoint!

    She is carrying all of our sorority items as well as Christmas! Thanks again!

    ~Emily & Betsy from Betsy B.