Monday, June 10, 2013

A Baby Owl For Christmas

A. Bradley's Christmas Owlet
My stitching these days is mostly models and stitch guides, but I collect small canvases to stitch for presents when I run across one I just can't resist.  These little projects are great fun since I pick up things that are not my usual style and try out new techniques I am interested in on them.  Better to experiment on a gift for a friend or family member than on a custom stitch guide, right?

My newest purchase is a darling Christmas mini sock from A. Bradley Needle Arts.  It is on 18 count canvas and is about four inches high by a bit more than three inches wide at the widest point.  It is perfect for needle felting, don't you think? [Ideas start to percolate....]  I might collect some of Watson's dense white fur he is shedding right now and use that for the white fur trim.....

I love Ashley Bradley's designs.  They are very well done and always charming.  The baby Christmas owl is from her animal mini sock series.  There are a great many dog and cat breeds already designed so Ashley is filling in the series with many other animals so that there should be a critter for every taste.  Click on "Mini Socks" and on "Munchkin Mini Socks" on Ashley's website to see them.

This one is just right for me.  Sadly, it has to go into the stash of other small mini socks to await further inspiration, a collection of enough white Watson dog fur for felting, and the need for just the right present.  Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Carolyn Hedge Baird who tempted me with this via Facebook and to her shop Chaparral which ordered it for me.  And of course many many thanks to Ashley for painting this right away!

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