Monday, June 10, 2013

Tips on Stitching with Filament Silk

Anyone who finds silk threads difficult to stitch with needs to read Mary Corbet's article on how she stitches with filament silk. That's the stuff that is straight from the silk worm that catches on air and misbehaves any time you give it a chance.  Mary is thorough, explaining how she organizes her threads, how she threads her needle and holds it when stitching, and even how a stitcher's attitude toward their thread can make all the difference.

My one tip working with silk besides the ones Mary mentions is to add humidity to the mix when it gets too unruly.  Spritz a cut length with a mist of distilled water and let the strand dry a bit. Works for me!

You will have to be certain that your thread is colorfast but if you are used to a brand and not using the notorious-for-bleeding reds, spritz away and see if it helps you.

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