Sunday, June 30, 2013

Beading Thread

I was wandering around the Internet this morning and stumbled across a great idea--beading thread color collections from S-Lon. They are at Needlepoint Tool Time.   The store even sells empty tubes so you can store the beading thread spools you already own. ( I have spools of Nymo brand beading thread that look like they will fit these tubes.)   As far as I can discover, Nymo and S-Lon are two of the many brands of nylon beading thread.  I've used both and I can't see any difference myself but then I am attaching beads to needlepoint canvas, not doing beadweaving or making jewelry.  If you are interested in acquiring various colors of nylon beading thread, this is a good place.  I can recommend Tisha's customer service and she has great sales occasionally.

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  1. Thanks, Jane, for showing this site to us. I have already ordered tubes and beading thread as I never seem to have the right color beading thread when I need it! And my beading thread, all in a Namaste box is a big mass of wadded up thread!

    1. Happy to help out, Carolyn. I think it's a great way to have the color you need where you can find it.