Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blog News and Updates

I've been working on updating Blog and the CH Stitch Guides blog quite a bit lately, so I thought I'd summarize what I've done.  First of all, the TNNA trade show in Columbus, Ohio starts June 21st so there are quite a few new items listed under the "TNNA COLUMBUS June 2013" tab.  Some of them are from folks who won't be at the Columbus show but new things just seem to collect at this area of Blog.  Click on the tab under the title header to see what's there, then click on the Home tab to come back here when you are ready.

I've also updated the tab that is called "Tutorials and Hints" with a few more tips on how to start/end threads invisibly.  This is very important when you are using light coverage stitches.

The Loretta Spears Archive has been updated with several eBay sales of Loretta's charts.  If you are a counted canvasworker, you'll want to look at this blog periodically, particularly if you are unfamiliar with Loretta's work or have a big stash of her charts that could help me with more information.

I update the "June Trunk Shows and Sales" section daily.  It's amazing how many sales there are at the various online shops.

I am considering reorganizing the "Monthly Clubs" section.  It is getting bigger and bigger all the time, so finding things is hard.  Do you have any ideas of how you'd like it organized?  I was thinking I'd group club types with the newest on top so that you could find Christmas-themed clubs, ones with Halloween items, etc.  Any other ideas about how best to handle this?  By the way, if a club I've listed there is no longer available, please let me know.  I don't have the time to check them as there are just too many, which is odd since I remember when clubs were only available from Pocket Full of Stitches and French Knot.  How times have changed!

In stitch guides news, Robin King has published a summary of all the Halloween canvases she currently has stitch guides for, and Cynthia Thomas is busy posting photos of the canvases she's done guides for on her "Cynthia Thomas" Facebook page.  I have also completed two more Leigh Designs guides for her Water Babies series (Fantine and Alta).  To visit the CH Stitch Guides blog, just click on the photo of the magic carpet on the right hand side of Blog.  To return here, click on the magic carpet again, and you will be transported back again.

Looking back on everything I've done this week, I wonder that I have any time to stitch at all!

Have fun browsing.

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  1. Oh I’m really dying to see your latest work. I wish you could update us with your new project or what’s just keeping you busy. Anyway, I just take a short peek and check on you. I’m glad you’re doing fine. Have a wonderful weekend to you and your family!

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    1. Marilyn, I'll update you on my current projects shortly. I am trying to get a lot of background done first. But I'll get back to you in a week or two once our house guests have come and gone.