Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sound Familiar?

I am on the Gone Stitching e-newsletter mailing list as I always enjoy learning what Renee and Michele are up to.

The latest newsletter had a story so good that I asked if I could share it with you and Michele said yes! The story is told by Renee but I bet it is a familiar one for many of us.  Renee starts out,  "Just when you think you know your spouse....

"Many of us who stitch think our significant other has not a clue as to what we are looking on, even that we are needlepointing is a revelation sometimes.  We sit in the same room with them at night, stitching away happily, and then 2 weeks later they ask, 'When did you do this?'  Does this scenario have a familiar ring?  The Bionic Woman has proved me wrong (at least at my house).  Let me explain...

"The 1970s are alive and well in my house since my husband has discovered The Bionic Man and The Bionic Woman on reruns on cable.  He loves these shows, it returns him to his youth.  We can ALL sing along to the theme music (you get the point).  This is my cue to exit stage left with my floor frame and canvas and go hide in the kitchen.  The other night I hear the theme music to The Bionic Woman and a few minutes later he is screaming, 'Renee, get up here QUICK!'

"I go running up the stairs, sure that he has fallen, has had a heart attack or some other terrible calamity.  I get through the door, out of breath, looking for his lifeless body...and he is sitting on the couch, with the remote in hand, with The Bionic Woman paused on the TV.  'You've got to watch this, Renee, you are not going to believe it but The Bionic Woman is needlepointing.'

"Sure enough, he replayed the beginning of the episode and Jamie Somers is sitting on her couch needlepointing.  He was so excited to share this with me, but what impressed me the most was his comment, 'See, even The Bionic Woman is working on a frame.'

"He really is paying attention."

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  1. Wonderful! Yes we have all experienced something similar. My DH is my biggest supporter and has learned a lot about needlepoint over the years. However, this morning he asked me when I had hung a certain needlepoint picture in our bedroom. My answer, "about a month ago".

    1. [snicker] If I had a nickel for every time this has happened to me....