Thursday, June 20, 2013

Breaking News: Gitta Has Left Us UPDATED

I'm sorry to say that Gitta, the owner of Gitta's, which is just outside Toronto, has died.   I understand she battled cancer for quite a while now.

Gitta's is well known for silk gauze and charts especially done for silk gauze, but they carried a lot of everything.   I am sorry to hear that their founder has joined the stitching angels.

UPDATE:  I am told Gitta's daughter will probably keep her shop open, which is good news.  I finally got around to finding photographs of two ANG Seminar exhibit winners worked from Gitta's charts.  I think there are more but there aren't photos of all the winners on the ANG site.  Look for Pat Dowse's bowl of red poppies.

Then there is the vase of lilacs design by Jeanne Wesline.

Beautiful work and beautiful stitching.  Thank you, Gitta.

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