Monday, June 3, 2013

The Rumor Mill - Smathers and Branson

Ridgewood Needlepoint's latest e-newsletter says that Smathers and Branson have discontinued their needlepoint canvases as of now and are selling off their inventory. They are not reducing prices, however. Ridgewood also says that the company is still doing finishing for now.

I am interpreting this to mean that Smathers and Branson are discontinuing any non-stitched canvases.  I assume they are still selling the finished pieces (especially belts) that is the main part of their business.  I don't know if this means they are discontinuing the custom design business.  I am sure that you can check with Ridgewood if you want clarification.

Since I mentioned belts this morning, here's a gorgeous one, stitched by a NeedlePaint customer for her son.  Nice!

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