Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eyelet Tips and Book Recommendation

Every Sunday Needle Works posts a stitch of the week.   I don't usually post about them as I link to the site in the "Online Stitch Diagrams" section at the bottom of Blog but this week the stitch is an eyelet variation with some great tips for stitching any type of eyelet.

Plus Colleen talks a bit about Jane Zimmerman's Canvas Embroidery, which is in two volumes currently.  I've heard nothing but good things about this series although I have not yet broken down and purchased the set.  I did just buy Jane's Background Stitches Volume One.

There isn't a Volume Two of Background Stitches yet but I am looking forward to that being published because I really like Background Stitches Volume One.  It's a small booklet with about 43 stitches diagrammed in black and white with a black and white photograph of each worked.  Some stitches have a variation also diagrammed.  The diagrams are small but easy to read.  All have the stitch sequence numbered although it is occasionally hard to read the numbers.  Each page talks about the stitch diagrammed and photographed there briefly with hints such as how easy or hard it is to compensate a certain stitch or recommends whether to use contrasting colors in executing a stitch.  My copy was autographed which is a nice touch since I bought it straight from Jane herself.  (One note:  she mails her books out via media mail so my copy took three weeks to arrive.  It'll be faster to get a copy from your local shop if they stock it.)  Of the stitches in the book, about a third were totally new to me.  Many are subtle variations of more familiar stitches.  All are great backgrounds for the right canvas.  If you have an extensive library of stitch dictionaries, this won't repeat what you already own.  If you are a beginning stitcher, or don't own a lot of stitch books, you might want to spend the money on a book with more content, but it is a very good source for those who are looking for something different.

You can peek inside of Background Stitches Volume One here.

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