Monday, August 19, 2013

Anyone Recognize This? UPDATED

Anyone Recognize This?

Does anyone recognize the designer of this lovely group of ladies? A friend is interested in this piece which we found on In Stitches' shop blog. Sadly, the photo was from some years back and the shop doesn't remember the name of the designer as they specialize in counted thread, not needlepoint. Any help would be appreciated! 

You can leave a comment here or if comments don't work for you, just email me directly at chilly hollow athotmail dot com.  Thanks!

UPDATE:  Martin found this via Google Images on a cross stitch site.  It is apparently the work of a Polish designer.  I think the photo above is a painted canvas, though.  If anyone knows who distributed it, I would love to know.

Thanks Martin.  You are The Best!

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  1. Jane, if you click on the photo, you can tell that it is cross stitch on aida cloth. Perhaps your friend that locate a chart and stitch it in needlepoint.

    1. Thanks, NN. On my monitor I can't tell that it is aida cloth. Obviously time to have my eyes checked!

  2. Jane, I asked the pattern detectives on the 1-2-3Stitch XS board to take a look & comment if they know these ladies. I noticed that Ms Blue&Yellow turban's eye doesn't seem to be finished.

    1. Martin's found the source, Cindy! Hurrah! You have sharp eyes. The original photo was of a work-in-progress. The designer has several XS pieces of African motifs, which is of great interest to a group of collectors who love stitching their heritage in both needlepoint and cross stitch so I've passed the information along to them. Thanks for the help. I am sure there are other folks who would find these ladies as charming as I do.

  3. Saw the request for detective work at 123.

    Please check out this blog. The owner has stitched it and has a picture of the chart with the designer's name: