Friday, August 23, 2013

Breaking News: Petei is Back! UPDATED

Chapel Hill just posted this in their e-newsletter--

"Breaking News!! Painted Pony has just announced that they will be distributing Petei Needlepoint Designs. Petei's fans have missed their availability - Chapel Hill Needlepoint can now order from the Petei line! Designs will be introduced gradually with the initial catalog of approximately 30 Santas and other small ornaments available soon. Call to inquire about your favorites!"

UPDATE: I heard from Debbie Woodard, founder of Painted Pony via Facebook last night. Debbie was kind enough to update everyone with this--

"Since you have mentioned Petei santas on your blog, I thought you and your NP Nation followers would be interested in knowing I am distributing Petei's line beginning at the show this weekend. Because of the enormous volume of her line we will reintroduce in little lots over the next year. We are showing about thirty Santas, three snowmen, ten tiny "I love" mini-socs and most of her nativity set and her sorority hearts and socks at St. Charles. Expect first round production to take about 8 weeks...."

Thanks, Debbie, both for the update and for brining Petei canvases back to life!

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  1. Well my stars! I never got on the Petei bandwagon before but I just might now!

  2. I never knew how many I needed until they weren't available. Ordering up!