Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Choosing a Background (Ruth Sees Polka Dots) UPDATED AGAIN

Ruth Schmuff just posted the latest lesson for her current mystery class (Zecca's Blue Moon with Owl).

Her background choice was picked because of all the polka dots and round shapes in this canvas.  I've been thinking about background stitches a lot lately as I contemplate a backgrounds book so I was pleased to see Ruth does what I do--choose a background stitch that repeats design elements.  However, I saw leaves and feathers when I looked at the canvas instead of round shapes.  Isn't it funny what different folks notice when they look at the same design?  Bonus points to Ruth for picking a round stitch that broken up into its component parts looks like leaves and feathers!

Ruth violates another of my usual rules, though--she picked a stitch that needs much compensation.  I try not to choose such a stitch if I can help it but I have to say I would have found it hard to come up with a better choice than hers.  Still, it appears she has taken pity on her students and offers them several round stitches to choose from so they can customize their canvas to their liking and the skill at compensation they possess.

If I was working this canvas, I would certainly do the background first and use a contrasting color of thread to continue the stitch on top of the leaves, branches and dots to make sure everything lined up properly.  Then I would pull out the colorful thread and have perfect background compensation!  It's a lot of work to stitch and then rip the parts you won't use but if you have the right stitch for leaves and tree and polka dots, you might be able to leave the colorful thread's background stitches on top of a leaf and cover it with something else.

Just something else to think about if you have a background that is broken up the way the Owl's is....

UPDATE:  Ruth is continuing the owl, adding wings and fun background swirls and rounds for the dots.

LAST UPDATE:  It is framed!

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