Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finishing for the Counted Thread Enthusiast

I love good finishing but most of the examples I show off here are painted canvases. I don't want my counted canvaswork friends to feel neglected, so check out the wonderful finishing of these Needle Delights pieces--

Speaking of counted thread designs (not to mention Bargello), Liz has finished her third
"Bloomin' Bargello" design.  Now she just needs to sit down and write out the instructions so that all three charts are available from LizArt.

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  1. Thanks Jane for making the effort to include things for the counted thread enthusiasts among us. I really appreciate and enjoy seeing it.

    And my painted canvas will get stitched eventually! :-)

    1. Of course it will! LOL

      I think about the counted folks a lot since right now painted canvases are "in" so I am always looking for something new for you guys. There are more of you than most people think so I try to keep my eyes open. Keep checking the St. Charles tab as there are new charts coming out. I'm putting all the new stuff there instead of writing separate articles.

      Take care!
      Hugs from CH--me