Friday, August 16, 2013

Finishing Friday

For today's Finishing Friday, I have some wonderful dimensional stuffed animals from Tapestry Fair.   They are all in basketweave, which seems to enhance the pretty patterns.  One of my correspondents is really into 3-D animals and has two of the Tapestry Fair critters underway, so this is for her!

Needle Nicely has just finished a garland of starfish but the real star here is the custom cording the shop made to string the starfish on.  You can see how this is done for huge rugs, too!

Want to see some charming simple ornaments?

Finally, here is a lovely classic done mostly in basketweave and finished in a calm, restful style.

Finishing can be quite expensive, so I thought you'd enjoy reading about how DebBee's Designs manages to finish all those models without going bankrupt.

She even makes her own tassels and cording!

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  1. Hi Jane - Thanks so much for the mention and compliments. These animals are from the POS trunk show, and are actually not stitched at all, although this is how they would look if done all in basketweave. The same dimensionals in decorative stitches are on our website, so it's a good comparison.

    1. Sorry, Peggi, either I need my eyes checked or the photos aren't that great. They are really cute, cute enough to be tempting if I didn't have my stitching schedule booked up for the next year already! Sigh....