Wednesday, August 14, 2013

In Response--Mermaids!

I'd like to thank everyone who answered my question about what they'd like to see Blog do and how well my changes and improvements match what they want out of my needlepoint essays. I'm still answering emails, one or two a day, so I'll eventually get back to everyone who took time to write.  However, almost everyone said they missed frequent reports on my stitching.  I will be posting about my own stitching again shortly, but until I get around to it, I thought you might like to revisit the little Melissa Shirley mermaid canvas I stitched three summers ago at Beloved's request. The link below is my first posting.  Just keep clicking "Newer Post" at the bottom of the article below the Comments section to read the whole thing.  I was on a tight deadline for this so there isn't much you will have to skip over.

Hope this keeps everyone happy until I get enough stitching done here to show off current pieces!

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  1. Hurrah! I didn't provide blog feedback as I'm not a shop owner or designer to whom your request was directed. However, I'm THRILLED that their response was the same as mine would have been -- "bring back Jane's stitching" (to the sound of forks and knives being pounded on dining table!) Looking over your shoulder is so much fun and so informative. Thank you for all you do for your devoted readers,
    Meg van den Berg
    Easton, Maryland

    1. You are welcome, Meg. I'll do my best to provide MORE. LOL