Saturday, August 3, 2013

Nimble Needle July Newsletter Available UPDATED

The Nimble Needle in Sandy Springs has posted their July newsletter for you to enjoy. Read about the new books in the shop, study the class lineup for the fall, and learn about their trunk shows.  My favorite part are all the postings of finished pieces by their customers.  Amazing stitching!

UPDATE:  Sorry I put the wrong link here.  Thanks to Anon I found and corrected it.

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  1. Hi Jane. Thank you for mentioning the July newsletter. However, would you change the hyperlink from the to I agree Stacy's customers stitching are inspiring. I am looking forward to my visit in October. Thx. Robin

  2. Link is not for nimble needle newsletter

  3. oops! Thanks for noticing. I'll double check and find the link again and correct.

  4. Sorry, Robin. Got the link fixed. It's been a little hectic around here and I've not been as careful as I should be. Wonder what other mistakes we'll find as the things I wrote in July publish in August? Stay tuned! Hugs to all from the Idiot of CH

  5. Oh. Jane. You are too silly. We thank you for everything you do. You are a-mazing. Hugs to you !!!! Robin

    1. Hugs, back! (But I'm not kidding about the idiot part.)