Saturday, August 10, 2013

Restitching the Bayeux Tapestry UPDATED

Kathy has done a series of articles on copies stitched of the Bayeux Tapestry as she plans to stitch a version herself (third link).  The work and dedication of the stitchers is as amazing as the end result.

Kathy has started work on her version.  Bookmark her blog and follow along.

Thanks to Donna, I know that Kathy's not the only one working on a replica of the original Tapestry.  So is Andy!

By the way, The French Needle sells a Bayeux Tapestry needlepoint kit.  It is huge and expensive and printed, not hand painted, but if you are a fan and don't want to make up your own....

Tanya has also been bitten by the Bayeux bug.

Here is another person stitching a section from the Wilson book on the tapestry.  She used DMC cotton floss instead of wool and has a marvelous transfer technique for the design.

Kathy's also found a wonderful local shop (local to Bayeux, France, that is) called Bayeux Broderie that sells kits, linen and will hand draw the section of the Tapestry you want to stitch for you.

The Quaker Tapestry is described as using "bits of Bayeux."  If you love tapestries you will enjoy the video in this article about it.

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  1. I was so thrilled that Kathy mentioned and took photos of Bayeux Broderie as my family and I were in Bayeux last year to see the tapestry and the Normandy coast. I bought a kit from Chantal and she showed me how to stitch the Bayeux stitch. Totally awesome

    1. You learned the Bayeux Stitch in BAYEUX?! Now that is beyond cool!!!! I bow down to your awesomeness! Hope we all get to see photos of your finished kit when you complete it. Historical stitching is amazing stuff! I never understood repo samplers until I realized they were a time machine....