Monday, September 30, 2013

About Darning Stitches

SharonG Bra with Darning Stitch Deer Background*

You have probably seen darning stitch backgrounds here and there without really understanding how they are done.  Vicky DeAngelis to the rescue!  Pay close attention to the margins of her canvas where she does little | stitches to turn the thread before stitching another vertical row.

SuZy Murphy has a book that is all darning patterns called SuZy's Darn Stitches.

Brenda Hart's two Favorite Stitches books and her Stitches for the Millennium all have a few darning patterns in them as well.

From personal experience I can tell you to use long lengths of thread as you can't stop in the middle of a row.  Threads that drag from one motif to the next will show so make sure each row is stitched the same way so that the shadows all look the same from the front.

*For new readers of Blog, the camouflage bra and tap pants set is from SharonG.  I stitched it several years ago.  Here are the links to my old articles if you are curious.

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  1. I have one of Sharon G's bra's -with suns on them, now I want to find the canvas and start to work on it, I bet I could do a sun motif in a darning stitch for the back ground :)

    1. You sure could! Or little clouds with suns peeking out. Or just about anything. SharonG's bras are fabulous treats and small enough to finish quickly, too. Highly recommended!