Monday, September 30, 2013

Define "Hand Made" UPDATED

Although this really isn't about needlepoint, I thought this article about the craft site Etsy's problems with figuring out what is hand made versus what is mass produced, it is of interest to stitchers because it touches upon the discussion about what is art and what is just a craft.   There are also some needlepoint related shops that use Etsy.  I would love to hear thoughts from folks who buy or sell there about what is going on.

I certainly am going to look more carefully at any Etsy shop before I buy from them now.

UPDATE:  Liz found this article that shows Etsy exposes creators to the danger of having their work ripped off.  (Of course it isn't just Etsy when you can fun into that problem, but the site has a lot of creative types in one place whose work can be stolen by the unscrupulous.)  Thanks, Liz!

UPDATE #2:  Apparently there is an Etsy group that certifies all items made by members are actually made by that member.

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