Friday, September 6, 2013

Pangea as a Tote Bag (More Finishing Friday)

Thanks to Sue Dulle, I heard about Kurdy Biggs' latest design, Pangea, made up as a tote bag and stitcher's tool wallet. It's magnificent!

Here is the charted design in its three colorways devised by Kurdy herself.  Her work is astounding in person.  Photos don't capture the complexity or show the crystals and beads she uses.

By the way, the Needleart Nut is stitching Kurdy's Mariposa butterfly if you want to see how the design develops.  Pat is doing hers on a custom dyed canvas.

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  1. Lovely! I noticed that she appears to have used elements from the other 2013 release, "Hexefus," inside the stitcher's wallet. Very clever. I love Kurdy's designs and have Pangea kitted up in my own colorway. I haven't permitted myself to start it as yet and, right now, am not really sure where those threads are. Sigh. Somewhere upstairs in the guest/stash room.

    1. I hadn't noticed touches of Hexefus inside the wallet, not being that familiar with Kurdy's designs. I don't do counted myself since I can't count! Hope you get this started pretty soon so I can see photos!

      Stash diving can be fun. Why not go see where they are and what other treasures are hiding in that room?

      Jane AKA bad influence of CH

  2. The pictures are wonderful and so is the sewing book, but in person these are drop dead beautiful! I visit often just to drool over them.

    1. Lucky you! Wish I could see them in person. I've learned that Threedles' pieces are very subtle and intricate. Photos don't show the beads and crystals or all the details.