Thursday, September 19, 2013

River Silks Ribbon Ideas

I've been thinking about silk ribbon lately because I just used it on a project and it turned out great.  My ribbon of choice for 18 count canvas is the 4mm width from River Silks.  Here's their website if you aren't familiar with the company.  By the way, this is a very durable ribbon.  It won't mind if you pierce it doing Japanese ribbon stitch or drag it through tiny holes.  I have to say short of setting fire to it, this ribbon is pretty near indestructible.  The color range is wide and it also comes in three widths if you need something wide or want different widths for layering.

Back to my project--I just stitched this Leigh Designs piece for the St. Charles trade show.  See the horizontal purple line right under the two skulls in the upper left quadrant?

I stitched that in straight vertical satin stitches with 4mm River Silks ribbon.  Because this canvas is 18 count, the ribbon was a little too close together, so it scrunched up and looked gathered.  This was a very easy way to have a great effect.  I will use this again.

Any ribbon brand or flat ribbon-like thread (such as Flair, Neon Rays, Kreinik's 1/16th ribbon, etc.) can be used the same way, depending on the effect you want.

I've been thinking that a flat ribbon held down by a series of cross stitches would be very pretty.

You can also lay a ribbon flat and stitch right down the middle with straight back stitches to hold it in place.  Use a contrasting thread and you'll have a very pretty effect.  I learned that from SharonG who used the effect for the grass in her Stitch of the Month design for ANG several years back.

Several folks have stretched Flair and tacked it down on the sides for their projects.  Silk ribbon won't stretch but there's no reason you couldn't use little tacking stitches on either side to hold it in place.  

Silk ribbons make interesting bullions and French knots, too.

So what clever ideas for silk ribbon have you come up with?  Comment below or email me at chilly hollow at hot maildotcom and I'll post them for you.

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  1. It's not especially inventive, but I'm using River Silks 4mm right now to mimic the petals of a daisy. It actually looks just like a daisy if I do say so myself. ;) (I'll post a picture to the FB group when I finish the canvas this weekend.) BTW, I used both River Silks and Splendor Silk Ribbon (also in 4mm) on this canvas and the River Silks was much better than the Splendor in my opinion. I kept having to trim the end of the Splendor due to fraying and I found the RS layed nicer, too. Just wanted to give you an opinion on another type of silk ribbon.

    1. Good to know, Whitney. I've only used Splendor silk ribbon once but I agree with you. I like River Silk's ribbons much better.