Friday, October 25, 2013

Row of Ladies Mystery with a Twist Finished (and Started!) UPDATED

Ruth Schmuff just finished her first Mystery with a Twist canvas, a series of six Asian ladies, all in fancy outfits.   Ruth decided that some folks enjoy relaxed mystery classes that are more than a few months long and which aren't really set to any deadline.  This is the result.

UPDATE:  Ruth has managed to talk Lee Designs into a companion piece.  Six more ladies in fancy outfits!  This will be an upcoming Mystery with a Twist piece for the shop.  Email Ruth if you want to stitch the second row or if you never got around to the first row.

The next Mystery with a Twist is Melissa Shirley's Holiday Village.  You can see it here about a third of the way down the page.

UPDATE:  The Holiday Village is coming right along.

By the way, Ruth's regular mystery class (Hal Mayforth's Boo) is coming right along.  Who would have thought to have little waving ghost hands!

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