Saturday, November 30, 2013


The new year is heading our way so I've done a little reorganizing of Blog, trying to get ready for 2014 and the challenges it will bring.  The tabs at the top just under the title have been cleaned out and renamed so that the appropriate trade show is there.  This year there will be only three trade shows I know of instead of the usual five, so you see a new tab called "The Newest Things Fall 2013."  Folks are not keeping everything new they have created under wraps until January's trade show in San Diego--they are showing off at least one-two new items already.  That is where I have put those peeks at the newest goodies.  As always, the latest items are on top.

The old trade show information has been moved to articles that are put in roughly the correct date order, so if you want to revisit TNNA's spring show for 2013, search for TNNA Columbus 2013, etc.

I am still working on reorganizing Monthly Clubs but that is a huge task since so many new clubs arrive each week.  I never get caught up with that chore.  The latest in each category is in hot pink, by the way.  The Sales and Trunk show tab also is a big time sink.  There are 2-3 items each day to add there, and more with the holiday clear out sales.  Don't forget to check on the sales.  December brings some really good bargains as shops clear their inventory for the end of the fiscal year.

The Chilly Hollow Stitch Guides site is steadily growing as more and more stitch guides are written.  I am contemplating creating a tab with contact information for everyone I know about who writes custom stitch guides but I haven't gotten to that yet.  I'll have to collect contact information, then use it to check with everyone to make sure they want their email addresses or phone numbers listed publicly.  Stay tuned, in other words.

After over a year's work, the Loretta Spears blog is fairly inactive except for occasional eBay sales of her designs.  I still hope to have new designs turn up, though.  I think I have documented only eighty percent of her work and I know there are other things Out There.  I just need to get folks to let me know about them.  The site gets a steady trickle of traffic from people interested in her work or researching eBay sales items, but I always intended that it be a research tool.  By the way, her work is very, very popular in Russia and Europe.  Wherever Loretta is, I hope that pleases her.

I'm contemplating doing something similar for Ann Spiess Mills' hand painted canvases but there are only so many hours in a day!   After all, I have stitch guides to write,  designer models to write, and I promised to blog-stitch a Russian Santa in December and January.

Please Santa, may I have more hours in the day?

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  1. Thanks, Jane. This is a lot of work but my stash enhancement gene appreciates it!

    1. You are quite welcome, Carol. Blog is my tribute to my fellow stitchers. Love you all!

  2. These are great changes! Thanks for enabling us all and keeping us educated!