Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sandy Arthur Does Mysteries UPDATED

Sandy Arthur has just announced her first mystery class, which will feature Yolanda from the Tapestry Fair Day of the Dead series. Yolanda is one of Manuel Salas's skeleton ladies, but a very stylish one with orange streamers and colorful braids.  The class will last six months and each month's mailing may vary according to whether you want Evertites or regular stretcher bars, etc.  The details are here.  If you want to do something fun, then hire Sandy as your guide to stitching Yolanda!

UPDATE:  Sandy is researching shops that will provide supplies for anyone joining Sandy's class, just in case you don't have a local shop to help you.  There are more details about how the lessons will work here as well.  Sounds like fun, sort of a mystery class with a scavenger hunt for the threads!

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