Monday, December 2, 2013

Brave AND Bad

I stumbled across an interesting essay this morning written by Elizabeth Braun, whose wonderful embroidery blog I enjoy reading periodically.  It's all about the courage to be bad, and how that fits into the Art Every Day project.

Since I needlepoint every day anyhow, I won't be participating in the project but Elizabeth's comment about "the courage to be bad" sparked a brief essay from me today.  I know a lot of folks think I am just wildly talented and that they could never do what I do.  WRONG.

The difference between me and a run of the mill stitcher?  I am never afraid.

I am never afraid of ripping something out.  One of the finest stitchers I know once told me that the more I ripped out, the better a stitcher I would be.  I think she was right.  If you rip out, you are saying that you are experienced enough to know that something is wrong and you are clever enough to make it better.   Ripping out proves you are learning and getting better.

I am never afraid of trying something new. At the worst I'll know I don't enjoy something and can take another path in my stitching next time.  At best, I'll learn something really neat that will make my next project even more interesting.  

If you are like me, you are not afraid to fail.  So what?  If it doesn't work, it still taught me something and if I am lucky, my dud will be useful to post on Blog to show what not to do.  I I am REALLY lucky, I will figure a way around the problem that raises my stitching above the normal to extraordinary.  I can always rip it out and try again anyway.

So promise me you will be brave, just for today.  After all, good girls (and boys) go to heaven and bad girls (and boys) go everywhere....

See you Everywhere!
Hugs from CH,

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  1. Nice, Jane. Words of wisdom we can all use! Thanks.

  2. Hi Jane! Thanks for the mention here!=)

    I agree about ripping out and recognising the need to do something again - and better! I never leave a part that I think I could redo and improve.

    Having said that, I wouldn't describe myself as never being afraid when I'm doing creative stuff as sometimes I'm as good as paralysed by lack of confidence for a while, but remembering the need to improve by risking messing up really helped me to get on with the scarier bits of the sampler I finished recently.=) Even though 'Art Every Day Month' didn't work out for me thanks to other stuff, I really benefited from the initial thought process.

    Right, now I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and get on with a UFO that has got me a bit nervy and is also a little awkward logistically to work...

    1. Happy to mention you, Elizabeth. Your blog is interesting and inspiring to all stitchers, in my opinion. Good luck with the UFO. I hope you figure a way forward despite the logistical challenges. At least I rarely have that to worry with! (oh, Merry Christmas!)