Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dealing with Water N Ice

Ann reminded me what I was basketweaving with Water N Ice that the thread frays badly at the ends. It didn't even occur to me that this might be an issue as I cut my Water N Ice with my Thread Zap 2.  This tool is battery operated.  You insert the AA battery, take off the tip cover, hold down the button and the tip heats up enough to burn right through the Water N Ice (or Flair).  The end is cut and sealed so it does not fray.

If the frayed ends bother you or you use a lot of Flair, this is a tool you might want to invest in.  I bought mine from Needlepoint Tool Time when it was on sale.  Tisha warned me if I wanted to ever replace my tip, to make sure I bought Thread Zap 2 tips as the original tool tips won't fit on the new, improved version.

This thing gets plenty hot, so be careful with it.  I store mine with the battery out and am careful to put the dogs in the kitchen before I plan to use it.  I've noticed my tip falls out if I don't hold it upright as well, but that might just be my particular Thread Zap.  It's not something to be careless with, but it works beautifully on Water N Ice.

Thanks for the reminder, Ann!

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  1. I need to get one of these. Waste Knot has them. As soon as the weather clears up. Maybe tomorrow?

    1. Be careful heading out. This can wait until it has stopped snowing and the roads are safe! (four inches of snow on top of ice in CH and it is so foggy and white everywhere I can't see the mountain!)