Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pocahontas' Wedding Waistcoate UPDATED

Fans of 17th Century embroidery will be thrilled to hear that Historic Jamestowne in Virginia (in Williamsburg) is soliciting help in creating a wedding waistcoat for Pocahontas when the project recreates the 400th anniversary of her wedding to John Rolfe.  Here are the details, including how to volunteer to help with the stitching.


FINAL UPDATE:  The Jacket Reveal (and wedding photos)

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  1. thanks for giving this info Jane - I had not heard about this project. I was fortunate enough to the see the Plimoth Plantation jacket in progess. Have not seen the completed yet. Wish I was close enough to participate. Hope you have are having a great holiday season !

    1. My pleasure, Melody. I am envious of your seeing Faith the jacket being made! Perhaps someone will blog a bit about their blackwork project when it gets going.