Thursday, December 19, 2013

Newly Available Petei Canvases Listed

Debbie Woodard of Painted Pony Designs, the new distributors of Petei, has just posted a list of all the currently available Petei Santa canvases on her Facebook page. I'm taking the liberty of reposting the list here for those who don't have a Facebook account. Your shop can order these for you and request others to be brought back into production by contacting Painted Pony.  I think the Petei Nativity set is also available.  Here you go! 

"Here is a list of Petei Santas that we've re-released through December. Petei fans: get your wish lists to your LNS soon - she heads to market in early January!"

PT-010 Flower Pot 
PT-028 Gnome Santa 
PT-029 Woodsman 
PT-030 Irish 
PT-031 Elf Santa
PT-032 Country
PT-037 Chimney-top 
PT-054 Electric
PT-103 Greek
PT-115 Western
PT-168 LaBefana (Italian Female)
PT-229 Zoo Santa 
PT-271 Traditional ( Coca-Cola) 
PT-313 Nutcracker Santa
PT-314 White
PT-316 Cowboy
PT-317 Sinttrklass 
PT-318 Russian St. Nicholas 
PT-319 Victorian 
PT-320 Father Christmas #1 
PT-321 Saint Nicholas 
PT-322 Kris Kringle 
PT-412 Santa Lucia (female) 
PT-428 Frontier 
PT-445 Scottish 
PT-446 Cossack 
PT-447 Dutch 
PT-450 Victorian Crazy Quilt 
PT-475 Father Christmas #2 
PT-486 English with Wreath 
PT-487 Behind a Bag of Toys 
PT-505 Holding Lamb 
PT-538 North Country 
PT-540 Green Santa 
PT-541 Mexican 
PT-542 Flower
PT-543 Swedish 
PT-560 Peace on Earth
PT-561 Yukon 
PT-563 Workshop 
PT-565 Wizard 
PT-578 Santa Knight 
PT-581 Christmas Past
PT-582 Blue Spruce 
PT-586 Norwegian 
PT-589 Shopping 
PT-590 Bell 
PT-599 Stocking 
PT-606 Checking It Twice 
PT-613 South Pole 
PT-618 Ski 
PT-622 Birdhouse 
PT-628 Long john 
PT-659 Plum Puddin’ 
PT-663 Baking 
PT-668 German 
PT-673 Marionette 
PT-696 Swiss 
PT-697 Gumdrop 
PT-700 Candy cane 
PT-703 Candlelight 
PT-714 Painted Pony 
PT-717 Spool 
PT-729 Chimney Sweep 
PT-743 Train 
PT-745 Hawaiian 
PT-747 Wise Olde Santa 
PT-751 Gone Fishing 
PT-756 Paul Bunyan Santa 
PT-760-D Doggie Santa 
PT-760-K Kitty Santa 
PT-767 Deck the Halls 
PT-772 Ride ‘em Cowboy 
PT-775 Golfing 
PT-785 Snowflake 
PT-786 Squeeze Me Lemon 
PT-791 Blue Moon 
PT-793 Russian Egg Santa 
PT-806 Decorating 
PT-808 Chinese Longevity 
PT-818 Town Crier Santa 
PT-821 Sweets 
PT-830 Professor Santa 
PT-841 Musketeer Santa 
PT-843 Santa on Burro 
PT-844 Yule Log 
PT-847 Jump For Joy

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