Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Or Nue' on Needlepoint Canvas

Sunday I posted a link to a video about Margaret Nicholson and her fabulous Or Nue' embroidery.   Today I want to talk about all the variations of Or Nue' (which I believe translates as "shaded gold") used on needlepoint canvas.   Traditional Medieval Or Nue' was used on church vestments and altar cloths.  You can see some stunning examples here.

The Nimble Needle has a fabulous article with photos of Or Nue' that includes a link to Jane Zimmerman's explanation of how to do Or Nue' on needlepoint canvas.  When you study Jane's article, note she is couching pairs of gold threads. The reason I emphasized this will become obvious tomorrow....

If you would like to do a little Or Nue' yourself, how about using Mary Duckworth's flower pattern generously hosted on the Caron website?  Note that Mary couched down Caron threads using other Caron threads instead of using the traditional gold base thread held down with silks, but there's no reason you can't switch threads if you prefer to use what you have in your thread box.

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  1. Mary Duckworth! Growing up I use to shop at Mary's shop in Arlington. (Same shopping center as Waste Knot. But Mary's shop was on the front where Random Harvest is now.) I learned so much from her!!!

    Merry Christmas Jane! Thank you for your wonderful blog!

    1. Fascinating! Wonder if Lori who owns Waste Knot knows about Mary's shop? I knew she worked at one once but not that she owned it. Thank you for the little history lesson, Beverly!

  2. Replies
    1. I think so, too. Or Nue' is lovely stuff, even though keeping all those threads straight is a real pain.